Sunday, February 12, 2012

AOOMKA Website

This week in class we had submit information concerning our second class website and what people would be working together on the websites. I am excited to be working with MyoungHyang Kim on a website for the All Okinawan Ozark Mountain Karate Association (AOOMKA).
I was appointed as the president of the AOOMKA two years ago and have wanted to develop a website for it ever since.  The majority of my life, I have been deeply involved with my martial arts, and I have been a member of the AOOMKA since the early 90’s. It is an association that has been based out of North Central Arkansas since its inception. My instructor was its first president and is still involved in an advisory position. The whole reason I took this Internet Communications class is to better equip me as the president of the AOOMKA and to give me the capability into bring the association into the 21sr century and give it a presence on the world wide web.  So I am truly excited about this project and intend to use this opportunity to make the foundation of a website that I hope will continue to grow and evolve with the AOOMKA for years to come.
Lastly, I could not be happier with the partner that I have gotten for his project.  Though Myounghyang does not have any martial arts experience, I believe her Japanese heritage, knowledge, and tradition will give our website a certain flair and authenticity to set it apart from others.

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