Friday, February 17, 2012

Myounghyang Kim and the AOOMKA

Myounghyang Kim and Nicki Walker train while
Assistant Instructor (and ASU student)
 Sensei Kenny Sutton watches
As we discussed the development of our website for the All Okinawan Ozark Mountain Karate Association, my partner Myounghyang Kim and I discussed design elements such as colors and other aspects that Dr. Zeng covered in class this week. Kim and I are also in Photojournalism class together, and I am certain our interest in photography will come into play.

As I stated when I was introduced myself (again) and discussed my projected website project for the AOOMKA, "I am very passionate about my martial arts and my association," which I was appointed president of two years ago. As Kim and I talked, I invited her to come to my dojo at my house and take class with me and my students.  Thursday night, I was pleasantly surprised when she did just that and had the nerve to get up and participate!  We further discussed the website after class as I shared with her some of my ideas and desires to incorporate into our website. I am glad that Kim and I are developing a friendship in the process of developing our website and now her training with me.  I hope that some of my passion for my art will be perceivable to her and maybe rub off on her a bit. If it does, I know we will make a great website because we will both be invested in it beyond the point of just doing it for a grade.

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