Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guest Speaker Doug Criss

Dr. Zeng introduces guest speaker Diouglas Criss

This Thursday in Internet Communications class, we had a special guest speaker.  It was unfortaunate that the majority of our class chose not to attend and missed out on this interesting opportunity. 

Guest speaker Doug Criss is a copy editor and web editor for CNN and works out of the famous CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Criss is an ASU alum that has worked for CNN for two years.  He works on the CNN Homepage as an editor  and also is responsible for posting tweets and notifications to the CNN Breaking News App. He stated that in this age of technology that before long the CNN website will reach more viewers and be the top earner, even over CNN on television. 

After showing those in attendance the CNN website and others that he is involved with, Criss answered questions.  During this period he shared that when breaking news happens Twitter updates were the number one prioirty, followed by the CNN App and finally the website.  HE also gave advise telling future professional to be prepared to relocate.  Criss also boasted on the ASU Radio-TV and Journalism programs stating "Everything that you need, you will get right here. ASU will prepare you to compete in any market."

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