Saturday, March 17, 2012

Evaluating Information on the Internet

I'm certain that everyone is excited that Spring Break is here and has some awesome plans.  Personally, I still have to work . . . at least until next Thursday.  Then next Friday, meand some of my karate students are heading down to Alexandria, Louisiana for three day.  I am teaching some close quarters combat seminars at a martial arts school there.  The Head Instructor is another of my students.  In the real world he is a pharmacist.  While we are there, his wife has her season opener Saturday night, so we are planning on going to watch her roller derby game.

In class this Thusday, Eric Hicks, Hayden Belgavy, and Symphonie Privett gave their presentation to our class over the subject of "Evaluating Information On the Internet." Ericd started out speaking about Youtube. I think anyone that has anything to do with computers and the internet have visited Youtube.  I have a couple of videos on there and even use it to train people in other parts of the country and even other countries in the martial arts. It is a great way to share things that just can't be communicated via a phone line. Kim and I also intend to host the videos for our website on Youtube and then provide links to it.  Hayden Balgavy then presented information about Google and how it has become such a dominant presence on the internet.  Guess some people are just resistant to change.  I still predominantly use Yahoo! Finally Harmony Privett presented on Wikipedia.  Listening to her, I actually thought that as the president of the All Okinawan OzarkMountain Karate Association, I might want to consider getting on Wikipedia and making a few entries concerning my association!  Overall, the presentation Thursday was very informative and got me thinking about ways to utilize these forms of media with our website.

That's it for this week.  Hope everyone has a fun Spring Break.  BE SAFE!

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