Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Weeks

Video for the AOOMKA Website

I missed posting the week after springbreak.  Things were just too hectic and for some reason I had a difficult time thinking very coherently all week long.  It just wasn't the best week school-wise.  It was a productive week for the personal website.  Hanshi John Peeler finished working on a slide show video about Hohan Soken and the Matsumura Seito group that was around the Torii Station Karate Club on Okinawa in the late 1960's.  I helped John by spedning many hours over a long period cleaning up old photos getting rid os fuzz, specks, waterspots, etc. The slkideshow is comprised of photos that he and my instructor Soke Tom Hunnicutt took during that time period.  It also has a couple of poems that my instructor wrote.  My group project Kim Myounghyang did some translations for it as well.  The video is 7:54 long.  Take the time and check it out.

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