Friday, April 20, 2012

Client Website

Well I once again let another week slip by me without blogging.  I get so busy it just slips past me.

This week we submitted our first review.  We were supposed to get the business owner to review it.  Since mine and Kim's website is for my martial arts association, I actually sent the link to 14 different officers and members to review and give me ideas.  All the feedback that I have gotten so far has been very positive and I have already added three more pages to it.  I, andeveryone that I have shared it with has been excited with our new webpage.  Earlier today, I even got on and purchased the domain name for five (5) years already.  So if you ever want to check us out after this semester we will be at: (yes we are a non-profit organization registered in the state of Arkansas)

For now you can check it out at:

It is not up online just yet, but I actually the person that will be hosting it for me in the other room working on putting what we have already online.  He works for me at JHDC and is the computer IT guy.  He is also going to school to get his degree in computer technology.  He has a couple of computers set up at his house that he is going to host it for me.  He was eager to get my files so he coulkd start working on and figuring out how to host sites from his home computers.

So things have really gone great in our Internet Communications class and I am proud of what I have learned. I am also proud of the website that Kim and I have made and look forward to using it and learning from it for many years!

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