Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Website

Well here we are at the end of class!  I am really excited and pleased with Myounghyang Kim's and my website for the All Okinawan Ozak Mountain Karate Association's website.  I sent the link to many AOOMKA members and officers and have received lot's of positive feedback from most of them. I feel like we have gone above and beyond was required for us for the class.  I really appreciate Kim's help and cooperation in building this website that I hope we use for many years to come.  There is still much planned for it in the future long after this class is over.  Even though we submitted it Thursday, I plan on making changes up to and long after we review it on our scheduled final day, next Monday. 

Last week, we successfully registered our domain name and got the AOOMKA website live on the internet!  I can't express how much the members of our association and I appreciate the new website and how much means to us.  Thank you Kim and Dr. Zeng!

Check us out online if you get the chance!

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